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Mediumship Reading

In a mediumship reading, there is a three way process involving myself (the Medium), Spirit, and you. I act as a vessel between you and the spirit world, receiving information from those that have crossed over and delivering it to you! In all of my sessions, I strive to give the highest and best evidence possible that your loved ones are eternally connected with you and  have a keen interest in being an integral part in guiding you to your fullest potentials during your physical experience. Validation comes through in a variety of ways such as names, dates, detailed descriptions of places and events that took place in the person's life that are relevant to you. I find the most powerful validation that I provide is my ability to connect with the emotional bonds that you shared with them and demonstrating thier unique personality traits that capture the essence of who you know to be them.  Your session will be filled with joyful laughs and some welcomed tears!



$500 - Videoconference (Zoom) 90 mins, includes video recording of session

$100 per additional 30 minutes

$100 per additional person 

Life Reading 

Life Readings, are ideal for clients that may not be looking to connect with anyone on the other side but are seeking specific strategies on how to redirect and allow more clarity to flow through all areas of ones physical and energetic life through my connection to spirit. I call it a spiritual tuneup.

It is about tuning into your inner being, reflecting with understanding upon yourself and your life with honesty, integrity and focus.

Common areas of focus:

  • Uncover your life purpose and souls journey 

  • Lessons and growth opportunities in your current and past relationships

  • Areas for growth and development on your spiritual and emotional path

  • Releasing and healing emotional and energetic roadblocks

  • Medical intuitive ( Identify specific energetic imbalances within the body)

  • Explore your relationships with family and friends from a place of empowerment and focus




$500 - Videoconference (Zoom) 90 mins, includes video recording of session

$100 per additional 30 minutes

$100 per additional person 


Additional Services

I also offer the following services and am happy to discuss your specific needs and rates.

  • Group readings/parties/events

  • Medical Intuitive Services​​

  • House "Clearing"/Reading

    • Helping you to understand and interact with the energies you may be sensing in a space from a place of love and strength 

  • Custom courses for others awakening to their own abilities

  • ​Missing persons/Unsolved Murder Cases

    • I may not be able to accept all cases but will consider any requests where I feel I may be able to help.  


Please Contact Me for more information or to arrange a session.

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