Brett is FOR REAL. I intentionally hid photos, jewelry, and information and just let him do his thing. He NAILED every single detail about my loved one passing. From how he looked to how he passed, even the details around his passing that we had all been questioning. How he was found in detail the car he drived, windows rolled down- the specific jewelry he wore. My phone ran out of space I wish I had it recorded it all but I took notes on a napkin and my family members were in complete shock. There was just no way he could have known such specifics, he knew about letters I had written, jewelry I had put away before he came-he even broke down for a moment and named the very unconventional instrument used in his passing. He is super sweet, genuine, and kept cutting me off from giving away any information. He is 100% the real deal. Please be patient with his methods if you are trying to reach a loved one who has passed- he will get through and leave you with no doubt in your mind he is truly gifted in mediumship.  If you are in pain or confusion or dealing with a loved ones passing you gotta call this guy. People call me an FBI agent because I'm very keen to finding the truth, what makes sense and if I'm being scammed. He's totally affordable, the real deal- I feel like he should be on t.v or something. If your reading reviews have no doubt and call Brett.
-Ashely E. Los Angeles, CA
My sisters and I had an unforgettable experience with Brett from his warm welcoming hand shake to his peaceful-feeling good bye hug. HE IS THE REAL DEAL and let me tell you why...
Before the reading began, Brett walked us through the process and made us feel very comfortable. We were so grateful that our loved ones were able to come through and communicate with Brett. It felt surreal to be part of the interaction between us, Brett and our loved ones because we did not know what to expect from a medium reading since this was our first time. During the reading, Brett provided us with very specific information and/or references that no one else outside our immediate family knew. He also referenced to very specific recent events (like a day before the reading appointment) that we individually privately experienced; we were/are/still mind-blown because there was no way for Brett to have known this. We did not share or volunteer any information (aside from our first names during introduction) before the reading and only acknowledged/clarified when asked. Brett has left me speechless and given me the reassurance of my personal belief that our loved ones who have passed are still with us, just not in a physical form.
-Christina T.  Los Angeles, CA 
I must say growing up in a very religious home the whole idea of even hearing the word MEDIUM is shocking, but I have recently lost a person very dear to me and sometimes you just need answers!! I booked an appointment with Brett and was very skeptic.  I went in with my sister and told her to show no emotion whatsoever lol!! Little did I KNOW BRETT was about to give me more than what I was looking for. He was very friendly and personable and has this great energy about him. WE GAVE HIM NO PRIOR information and like I said we went in with a poker face. As the session began he right away connected with the person I had lost. THE DETAILS this man was telling me about this individual's death were things no one but myself would know because I was there. ;'( He knew things I had only told my close family that no one would know that surrounded that tragic day. HE took his time and within minuets into the session the poker face went to NON STOP CRYING FACE lol but like a good cry!!!! I needed to know that my loved one was OK and that he was very much still with me, and that day thanks to BRETT I FELT SO CLOSE TO HIM. THANK YOU BRETT for your time and the beautiful connection you managed to bring to me and my loved one. I can't wait to see you again!! YOU REALLY made me feel like I will see him in the afterlife someday!!!
-Jacky L. Gardena, CA

"Brett is amazing! I shared a session with my boyfriend last weekend (who admittedly came into this experience a bit skeptical) and we were both blown away with Brett's talent! Not only is he a wonderful person (his presence is calming, he's incredibly caring, he's instantly likable) he is the REAL deal. I promise! There are things he couldn't possibly have known regarding the passing of my Grandmother and the passing of one of my boyfriends closest friends. To give you a small taste, he told me that my Grandmother knew I had been looking for a sign from her and how much I've missed her (she was pretty much my only grandparent growing up and she lived with my family and I the last 10 years of my life). He said "I see numbers, specifically sets of three. Does this mean something to you? Because your grandmother wants you to know, every time you see a set of triple digits i.e. 333, she wants you to know she's there." Cue the waterworks. My grandmother's favorite card game was "3 to 13", a game where you have to collect sets of 3's (333, 444, 555, etc) to win. We played this game for HOURS (seriously) at a time every day over the last few years...as you can imagine, cards were my Nan's favorite pastime and 3 to 13 was the only game she ever wanted to play. Needless to say, I immediately broke down crying. And this is only ONE example out of the 90minutes we shared with Brett. The amount of closure and guidance we were able to receive from our session has been priceless. We will definitely be going back. I have also recommended my friends to him and will be taking my mother to see him when she comes to visit. If you have reservations, I understand, but I PROMISE you.. you will not be disappointed. 
Thanks Brett for changing our lives!" -Cassandra C, Redondo Beach, CA


 "First of all, thank you so much. I'm so in awe of your willingness to let so much flow through you, and your ability to distill it such a clear and genuine and humorous way.  

It was amazing to me how it was truly like hanging out with my aunt again! It was really nice to get to see that side of her I knew was there all along, not just her pain of being misunderstood and in a body that was so problematic for her. It was also kind of insane how a part of me was expecting to be blown away by you channeling SUPER specific details about her but when it was coming through, I was just like, "yeah, duh. I also want to say thanks for telling/showing me you have no shame in who you are. As I'm remembering my deep connection to the realms beyond the 3D I've had a lot of fear come up about being judged by others. It was so freaking cool to see you just like "this is who I am, I'm not apologizing for that." You rock. Thank you again. -Erin S. Venice, CA

"Brett has served both as a teacher and inspiration for me. In many ways, this experience has enlightened me and altered my perspective on literally everything. 
I tested him initially in that I was highly skeptical. 
I called from a stinky pay phone, refused to give him my name or any personal info. He was completely understanding and we booked the appt. it took all of about 2 minutes to realize he was real and could pretty much see into your soul. No need to try and hide anything when you are in his presence because his gifts will strip you down to your core. 
I have learned so much and my faith has grown exponentially! I highly recommend using him if you wish to connect with someone or if you need advice for your future! The experience was priceless for me! And he has gone above and beyond and has taken time out of his day to follow up and talk with me free of charge! He truly wants to help others and his gifts are a gift to us all!" -Dominic C. San Bernardino, CA

"Yesterday I had a reading with Brett! The moment he walked in we connected! He is honest, funny and WOW. JUST WOW. HE was right on the money about literally everything! I've lost a lot of loved ones and so many came through. My father was with me at the reading and he still is so shocked how Brett knew certain years, numbers, names! The month of my birthday and my daughters birthday! It was man honor to have a reading with Brett. He literally became like a friend! His readings are so deep and amazing and then he can switch into the psychic side of him and start telling you about your life which for one he was soooooooooooo correct about it all! I can not write more good things about Brett. I was simply blown away. This has been the 15th medium I have seen in two years and never have had someone better then Brett. I can't wait until my next reading with him in a couple months! I walked away from that reading with so much more clarity and reassurance then I ever have in my life. This was what I needed and I just can not thank Brett enough. I mean you need to have a reading to understand what I'm saying. I thank you Brett. I can't thank you enough. ! You really brought so much happiness to my family from that one reading ! Thank you again! Xoxo" 

-Jill B, West Hollywood, CA

How to even begin this review? I went in a bit skeptical because I always thought mediums and such were one of those things that were just to good to be true. I really wanted to believe in them but had trouble doing so. That has completely changed since my visit with Brett. He told me things about my son that he could have no way of knowing, he brought up people that I have lost that he would have no idea that they had passed. Brett got so many things spot on that there was literally no doubt left in me after the reading. He is kind, warm and funny. You feel completely at ease sharing these crazy intimate details of your life with him or actually having him tell you and validate specific details about your relationship with your loved one. 
 I would advise bringing a notebook because so much happens during the reading you will definitely want to take notes. I'm so looking forward to visiting with him again.

-Krista L. Chula Vista, CA

My mediumship reading with Brett was truly remarkable and an important milestone in the process of understanding and gaining perspective along the journey of grieving, healing, and new self-discovery- i.e. picking up the pieces- after a loved one passes. 
Brett was extremely compassionate, disarming, and very thorough in explaining his methodology and his intentions. I had never consulted a medium prior to meeting with Brett, so I was neither a skeptic nor a believer- I went in agnostic, but open. I did, however, have a few preconceived notions and reservations about consulting a medium based on my religious upbringing and beliefs, but felt very comfortable after Brett explained how "it" works for him, and how he works. He didn't speak in new-agey or esoteric, pseudo-Eastern spirituality mashup terms, and there was no creepy conjuring, seance, or occult-ish divination tools used- which in my personal belief, may be spiritually risky, opening a door for negative energy or entities to gain a foothold. It was more of an organic experience- not a "paranormal" one per se- it felt natural and was more about connecting with the eternal energy/soul/personality of a person's spirit- not necromancy or conjuring up "ghosts" through magic. In my personal opinion, this validated the authenticity of Brett's gift. I did not find the experience to be at odds or incompatible with my personal and religious beliefs.

As cliche as it may sound, there were a number of very specific (not vague or general) facts, pieces of information, and personal mentions that came through from and about the loved one whom he connected with. He was very accurate regarding the unique dynamics of my connection and relationship with them, and about the circumstances surrounding their passing. Brett had no way of knowing these very specific and personal details and traits about the person, and these facts were not based on generic traits or information that I unwittingly revealed. These facts and details were not things in the front of my mind (or back of my mind), which personally, validated that Brett was genuinely connecting with my loved one and not simply "reading" my energy or my own thoughts. A part of a message was later validated by another family member- which I did not know was very personal and specific for them. 
I also liked that Brett combined the mediumship reading with a personal reading as a sort of filter for distilling the message(s) and how they integrate into the "bigger picture" for my life in the present and future, for one overarching "message" and holistic takeaway.

-Chris D. West Hollywood, CA

"I got a reading from Brett today and I was absolutely astonished!  Right away he got that a male figure had passed, that it was my father, and he was also able to accurately describe his personality.   Brett passed along a message  to me from my father and the message he relayed made perfect sense and brought tears to my eyes.   Brett also correctly got the name of my cousin who passed away many years ago and also mentioned other things that were spot on as well.   Although he gave me some months and dates that didn't really mean anything to me in the reading,  he advised me to write them down anyway and explained that as time approaches these months and dates will have more significance and even told me what I can expect to happen around that time. Not only did I find Brett to be an Amazing Psychic/Medium, but he's honest, compassionate, easy to talk with and professional. I'm really glad that I decided to get a reading from Brett.  I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to get an honest and accurate Psychic/Medium reading.  I look forward to getting another Psychic/Medium reading from Brett in the near future. Thanks for the Awesome reading Brett!"

 -Maureen L, Los Angeles, CA


Well it was worth the drive and the anticipation. LOVED Brett. We saw him last Saturday and I can say it was not only eye opening but also fun. Brett's personality is warm and yet he was so fun.  I took a recorder so I didn't miss anything and so happy I did. I brought that recording home so my husband and my 32 year old son (non-believer) could listen. They both were amazed with mouths hanging open. Some colorful words came out of their mouths as well.
I lost 4 family members in 32 days and all of them, plus my husbands mom came through. I'm healing slowly but I now know FOR SURE our family is watching over us so that makes healing a bit easier.
Thank you Brett and I am recommending you to everyone.
Kim G.,Woodward, CA

"I know we all tend think of the movie "Ghost" when we hear the word medium, but do something amazing for yourself and get a reading in spite of any doubt! I definitely would have no problems calling Brett out if the reading I had was a joke or not true. But it was absolutely accurate and really great! I would tell anyone who has an interest in this type of thing to have a session with Brett. I have no doubts my first will not be my last :)" -Jamie N, Miami Beach, FL

The session was held at my residence and Brett explained the process and made sure I was totally relaxed and at ease before he began.
I went into this session with no expectations or hopes of channeling a loved one.  
By the time my session with Brett was over, I was overwhelmed with emotions, comfort and closure.  Brett is truly the real deal and assisted my deceased father and husband to come forward for me.
I was blown away by things Brett relayed to me that no one and I mean no one would have ever known!  I realize there are a lot of skeptics and non

believers and scam artists out there.  Again, Brett has a truly unique gift!  
Brett has enabled me to bring some closure with the death of my husband which is still very raw for me.  His caring attitude and sense of humor was very refreshing and made the session that much more enjoyable and an experience I will remember the rest of my life!

I look forward to seeing Brett again!

Dennis M. Palm Springs ,CA

I can't really put into words how much I appreciate Brett's help. I had a reading with him over two months ago but what he said still helps guide & comfort me even now. He's really one of the most selfless souls I've come across, and I could  tell kind of immediately that he does this because he wants to help/empower people. When he was talking to me, it felt like talking to a really caring friend or maybe an older brother; also he talked to me way longer than our session and followed up at odd hours when I needed his guidance. 
What really stood out for me about Brett, as I've seen other psychics/mediums, is not just the depth of his intuitive capability, but how he delivers it. I was a bit nervous going into the session, because with other psychics I've seen, they've delivered me some pretty accurate readings, but also said some things that didn't feel right or gave me predictions that didn't quite pan out. That ended up giving me more anxiety. Because some things they said did ring very true, I was conflicted about what to make of these readings. I was really surprised, in a really great way, that I didn't feel any anxiety during or after the session with Brett - actually, I kind of had a feeling that I would be in good hands when I saw his website/Yelp page (so if you do have an intuition, I would say follow it). I could tell Brett was taking a lot of care to express himself so that I would be on the same page with him all the time. He would often check to see if something rang true for me, and I remember him saying something in the beginning, like if you don't feel this is true tell me. He is very honest, but very sensitive. He frames everything so that it will empower you to take concrete actions; whereas I think some psychics just tell you what you will want to hear, which is nice short-term, but leaves you feeling quite lost and confused afterwards. 

Anyways, Brett really is the keenest reader of energy (or you could say, soul) I've ever come across. I felt myself becoming really vulnerable in his presence, but in good hands. I felt the texture of my soul described in a way that no one I know has been able to see or articulate, if this makes sense. And it's a testament to his abilities, and the nurturing/empowering way he talks to you, that what he said is still giving me courage in who I am, and in my decisions. 

-Alex B., Avon, CT

When we met, Brett's positive energy, coupled with his outgoing and friendly personality, was quite luminous. He's one of those types of people that can eradicate gloom that hovers over you on a somber day.  Once the session began, two of my relatives came through, including my grandmother who passed away a few years prior.  He also connected with two close friends of mine, who were tragically murdered in 2004 & 2006, due to gun violence. Brett did a phenomenal job in describing all of my loved ones' personalities and energies. Moreover, he vividly transferred messages that my grandparents had for me, bringing me to tears of joy. 

At the end of my experience, I did not need to ask many questions at all because they were already answered. Brett is exceptionally gifted, and it's quite refreshing to see him utilizing his gift to promote good and essentially help others. After the session ended, he took extra time to speak to me. He said to feel free to give him a call anytime, and that he'd be happy to speak to me.  I typically don't ever write reviews, but this is one experience I felt necessary to share. My session was empowering, insightful, and life-changing. I would highly recommend Brett to anyone, as he is truly gifted and a breath of fresh air.

-Lynne W. Norwalk, CA

"Brett is an excellent psychic intuitive medium who really seems to genuinely care about his clients!. He's like an old friend who helps you take a philosophical approach to life's problems while joking with you and making you feel right at home. Unlike other mediums I've been to, I found the more I told him about my situation, the more crazy minute (and completely unguessable) details he channeled to me about my life questions and loved ones on the other side. He even guessed an object I happened to have in the  bottom of my purse that belonged to a loved one. I had totally forgotten it was still in there. A real sweetheart. So glad I had the pleasure of meeting him and getting a reading from him." -Carey S, North Hollywood, CA


"Brett is astonishingly accurate!!  My first reading was so incredible, we decided to do another one a few days later.  Wow, wow and wow!!  His ability to be in touch with those who have crossed over is uncanny.  He nailed the month my dad died, the date of his birthday and my parents' wedding anniversary, and also the date my mom died.  He saw me in and out of hospital rooms (where I was for two years) and my deceased sister Ann right there with me every step of the way.  He tuned into my parents' energies with uncanny accuracy - mom the humorist and dad the skeptic who was never too crazy about communicating his feelings.  Did I say wow?  This guy is AMAZING!!  He was also able to steer me in some very good directions in my present life, affirming and re-affirming this new path that is opening up for me and my life.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BRETT to anyone and everyone seeking to know some answers that only a psychic medium of his caliber can give!!" -Mary L, Cincinatti, OH


I must say growing up in a very religious home the whole idea of even hearing the word MEDIUM is shocking, but I have recently lost a person very dear to me and sometimes you just need answers!! I booked an appointment with Brett and was very skeptic.  I went in with my sister and told her to show no emotion whatsoever lol!! Little did I KNOW BRETT was about to give me more than what I was looking for. He was very friendly and personable and has this great energy about him. WE GAVE HIM NO PRIOR information and like I said we went in with a poker face. As the session began he right away connected with the person I had lost. THE DETAILS this man was telling me about this individual's death were things no one but myself would know because I was there. ;'( He knew things I had only told my close family that no one would know that surrounded that tragic day. HE took his time and within minuets into the session the poker face went to NON STOP CRYING FACE lol but like a good cry!!!! I needed to know that my loved one was OK and that he was very much still with me, and that day thanks to BRETT I FELT SO CLOSE TO HIM. THANK YOU BRETT for your time and the beautiful connection you managed to bring to me and my loved one. I can't wait to see you again!! YOU REALLY made me feel like I will see him in the afterlife someday!!!! You are a beautiful gift and spirit BRETT keep helping people!!

-Jackie L, Gardena,CA

Speechless. Let me start off by saying I did numerous research just to even understand what a medium was and if I was going to give this any type of try, I wanted ONLY the best. Brett's reviews in every place was solid. I finally made the appointment and nerves hit me for the days leading up thinking "what if this was a disappointment". I was fully open to letting anything happen mentally. Bad news given would still a positive for me because I would hopefully understand this subject a little more and I am a little bit of an lost believer and still finding what I believe this earth is all about. 
That being said, Brett was funny, welcoming and the moment I saw him walk out to greet me, my nerves were settling. I felt like I was chatting with a friend. 
Onto the good stuff- he hit every detail, every point, dates, memories of my dad and family that nobody would know. He even told me the exact layout of my childhood house..and more important what door was used for entrance (which unless you were me, you wouldn't know this) I truly thought, how are we going to make 90 min stretch out?? It was then two hours and I wanted to stay all day! It was amazing and he was so fun and emotional and you can tell he loves helping people understand things they didn't know. I asked many questions that I've held for so long about the process and he was so open and didn't make me feel like a was a burden. I opened my heart and mind since that day and my drive home was the most smiling peaceful day I've had in many years. It's only been a few days and my life is changed. I cannot say enough about this man. It wasn't stuffy, uptight, anything negative. I'm glad my research brought me to him and I hope this helps others to him. Trust me- I would have stayed all day!!! 

-Kimberly R, Canoga Park, CA

"I had a reading with Brett on a referral from a friend who said how great he was . He sure was point on with my situation . He provided me with really beautiful guidance from my father who has passed on . It made me cry really . I had to hold back my tears and carry on the conversation. It very much needed to hear what was relayed through his connection with my father . He was very accurate about my relationship and helped me with how to handle the emotions associated with everything that was going on in my life . From the perspective of "source" and also family members who have moved on from this realm. He took his time with me and was generous with that . I feel moved, supported, uplifted and looking ahead to positive shifts . I feel so blessed that I found Brett, obviously my father wanted me to hear what he had to say and made it happen !!   Random and out of the blue ! I didn't expect that !  He is great !!  If you need to connect with loved ones who have passed , talk to Brett !" 

-Dawn A, Los Angeles, CA


"HOLY COW... He's AMAZING and a total SWEETHEART! He really tunes in on things with uncanny accuracy! I can't wait to call back with more questions! 
Thanks again, Brett!! :)" -
Lisa R, Studio City, CA


"I really enjoyed my session with Brett.  He helped me understand the state of my affairs from my energy/aura as they relate to the universe and the course of my life.  He connected me with my spirits, and even picked up on unknown sources of information with meaningful detail.  He was able to identify the energy and presence of someone close to me.  Overall, Brett is astounding in presence, kindhearted, and comforting in spirit.   I feel blessed to have discovered him and his unique business location.  Thank you!"

-Audrey C, Los Angeles, CA


"Wow--- A Friend referred me & I called Brett. He was astonishing. He nailed one thing after another, he is kind & compassionate & very sensitive to you. I thoroughly enjoyed not only my time with him, but the way he sees the spirit & physical worlds & how to balance the two. I highly recommend him!!" -Lisa B, Stevenson Ranch, CA


I had a reading with Brett yesterday. I found him online - was probably guided there by spirit, 'cuz for the life of me, I can't recall actively seeking him out. Wow, Brett, thank you so much! Thank you for your sensitivity, your generosity, your bravery, humor, wisdom, patience, kindness. I can not but keep from thinking of the lyrics to a song that totally captures all I wish to say to you: 
"...Between the silence of the mountains
And the crashing of the sea
There lies a land I once lived in
And she's waiting there for me
But in the Grey of the morning
My mind becomes confused
Between the dead and the sleeping
And the road that I must choose
I'm looking for someone to change my life
I'm looking for a miracle in my life
And if you could see what it's done to me
To lose the love I knew
Could safely lead me to
The land that I once knew
To learn as we grow old
The secrets of our soul
It's not the way that you say it when you do those things to me
It's more the way you really mean it when you tell me what will be..."
Thank you, Brett! -
N.S., Los Angeles, CA


Visiting psychics and psychic mediums has been a very important part of my personal and spiritual growth and development for a very

long time now. I am here to say that Brett is right up there with the best in his field, and so very worth your consideration!
I was referred to him by a trusted friend, and I made an appointment just after New Years Day, and I'm so glad I did. Since my reading

am more energized and inspired than I have been in months, and that is only a bit of all the good things I have to say about this gifted

gentleman. What I think I love most about him is his down-to-earth delivery, sense of humor, profound empathy and compassion, and authenticity ... you will feel within moments, that you are speaking with a true friend. A very kind and loving one. Whether you've had experiences with this kind of reading or not, you are in excellent hands, as Brett will guide you through understanding every syllable he speaks. I'd love to share a few tips for perhaps getting the most out of your experience ~ Kindly arrive on time, or early, as this man surely deserves that kind of consideration and respect. Perhaps bring a bottle of water and some (kleenex) tissue, I brought neither but he generously provided them. Definitely come with an open mind and especially an open heart, and plan to be surprised, comforted, and well cared for, in the very best of ways. I'm so looking forward to more of my friends experiencing his gifts, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

-Diane S., Redondo Beach, CA



Where does one even begin when attempting to express the experience I had with Brett.. I recently lost my dad in a tragic accident 5 months ago and was left with so many questions, and thoughts. Brett's gift to channel loved ones who have passed, supported me with much needed clarity and healing. I love that he doesn't ask anything from you other than your first name. I specifically had a conversation with my dad and told him that if this is the real deal then he needs to bring up a certain picture I have of him in my home. Sure enough, my dad brought it up to Brett and it validated that the words I was hearing were true. Brett was also able to tell me things I have told no one... And I mean NO ONE, except for when I talk to my dad in hopes of him being there and listening to me. Other loved ones also stepped forward and Brett was able to tell me what they wanted me to hear as well. Brett is a truly authentic human being, with nothing but love to give all of those who come and see him. He is honest, explains things as he goes through the reading. I felt very safe, connected and most importantly there was trust which I don't do easily or often. I loved that he answered all my questions to the best of his abilities, never leaving me in doubt or unsettled. He values your time and treats you with the upmost respect. I left the reading, feeling relieved & without confusion.  I will say that I cried an awful lot because I was so happy to hear things that I feel now I really needed to hear. I can't express enough the peace that this experience brought to me personally. He isn't there to make you a believer, only to share his gift and connect you to those you hold dear.  If you're unsure, just be open to the possibility thats there's more to this world that you may not know about, and truly could support you in your life. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

-Mechelle V Los Angeles, CA






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